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Best of Kiev » Mariinsky Park

Mariinsky Park

Address: Украина, Киев, ул. Грушевского, 5А

Mariinsky Park in Kiev is considered to be one of the oldest and most beautiful parks of the Ukrainian capital. Along with Khreschaty Park they make up the Kiev Park Circle which is one of the most popular sightseeing paths. Mariinsky Park was laid out in 1874 in a landscape style known as Englishism, being a unique monument of the garden art. Mariinsky Park as well as some other Kiev parks is situated along the Dnieper hills and its main entrance is opposite to the building of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The park’s territory is about 10 hectares, linden, maple, chinquapin tree and other kinds of trees and bushes grow here. Mariinsky Park is beholden for its name first of all to the similarly-named palace that was erected in 1750-1755 on the model of the palace designed by B. Rastrelli for hetman Razumovsky. In 1744 during her visit Kiev Empress Elizabeth chose herself the place for the palace. The Park was laid in front of the central entrance to the palace on money of Maria Alexandrovna, wife of Alexander II of Russia. From the opposite side of the palace there used to be the City (Tsar’s) Park, laid out in 1743 based on longstanding Regular Garden founded yet by Peter the Great. Later all this territory got to belong to Mariinsky Park. In the recess of the park near Dnieper hills the building of Demesnial department was constructed. Demesnial department was a specific institute that performed accounting of all the possessions of tsar’s family. In the beginning of the XXth century here settled a scientific medical orthopedic institute and nowadays is situated Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Among the places of interest that appeared in the park during Soviet government, should be mentioned the Monument to participants of the January rebellion of 1918 which is represented by a bronze stature of worker holding a flying flag. Today Mariinsky Palace is one of the main places of interest in the capital and pluralistically, the central residence of President of Ukraine. Near Mariinsky Palace stands Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and to the left Cabinet of Ministers is located. The bridge of lovers that joins Mariinsky and Khreschaty parks is considered to be the most romantic place in Kiev. Amorous twosomes and the newly-weeds leave here small locks and ribbons in token of their love and hope that they’ll stay together forever.

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