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Best of Kiev » Saint Sophia Cathedral

Saint Sophia Cathedral

Address: Украина, Киев, ул Владимирская, 24

Built in remote XI century, St. Sophia Cathedral at all times has enraptured people as a distinguished work of art. The building was constructed and decorated during more than ten years by Byzantine and local craftsmen. St. Sophia Cathedral among all world-known temples ranks first due to its artistic perfection, beauty, splendor and size. In fact, in the whole Europe of that period of time there was no building that could compare to the Cathedral. Many events of political, social and cultural life of ancient Russia are connected with St. Sophia Cathedral. The ceremonies of princes’ enthronement, receiving visits from ambassadors were held here and also here’s the place of grand princes’ table-tomb. In the cathedral the chronicles were written and the first known library and school in Russia were established. The library was the biggest in Europe, but it has disappeared without a trace and its searching continues today. In XI – XIII centuries the Cathedral was repeatedly ruined by Cuman, Pincenates, but the most shattering devastation the Cathedral had seen when in 1240 the Mongols leaded by Batu Khan captured Kiev. The cathedral was demolished, but still not stamped out of existence, because Batu Khan’s troops had mercy upon its gorgeous beauty. Among the originals of the XI century that still bear greatness of life is the Orant, priceless sample of mosaic art. During almost ten centuries this image remained unharmed. Obviously that’s the reason why she’s often called “The Protectress of Kiev and its Citizens”. The picture of Maria Orant is one of the most magnificent mosaics in the world representing monumental statures.
St. Sophia Cathedral was the first Ukrainian historical and architectural monument to enter UNESCO World Heritage List.
We offer you to take a closer look at the sanctuary and the Cathedral during our excursion.

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