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Drop zone

The drop zone for training and performance of jumps of varying difficulty levels is located about 40 km from Kiev on the territory of an equipped airfield. Organization of familiarization, demonstration and sports parachute jumps is performed during weekends and public holidays by the association named 'Skydiving Sports Club of the University of Physical Education'; this association is a member of the Ukrainian Parachuting Sports Federation. This association is a nonprofit organization aimed at promotion of parachuting sports, recreation of the Association’s members, holding sports competitions, setting and achieving records, developing international relations, holding parachuting festivals and exchanging experience. 
The Association is headed by the president, an experienced practicing sportsman-skydiver under whose leadership the club annually develops and improves its training and material resources and infrastructure for performing jumps. As a result, on the territory of the drop zone several skydiving sports competitions and continuous training camps are organized every year. The training personnel consists of experienced practicing sportsmen many of whom are international level sports masters, record-holders, champions and winners of many parachute competitions. Parachute riggers have the experience of rigging many thousands of main parachutes of a wide range of modern parachute equipment manufacturers; as a result the rigging is performed quickly, and parachute canopy deployment is soft and safe.

At the drop zone you can do your first solo parachute jump with a round parachute or the first jump with a tandem master; you can pass a training program (AFF), or perform sports jumps if you are already a trained sportsman-skydiver.
Jumps start in early spring and end in late autumn.

Aircrafts used in the organization of parachute jumps.
L-410 aircraft is used for delivery of skydivers to the height of 4000-4200 meters for performing delayed jumps.
Height gain time – 15 minutes.
Capacity of skydivers – 18 persons.

AN-2 aircraft is used to deliver first-time skydivers to perform familiarization jumps, as well as classical program students to the height of 800-1200 meters.
Height gain time – 15-20 minutes.
Capacity of skydivers – 12 persons.

Mi-8 T helicopter is used for fast delivery of skydivers to the height of 4000-4200 meters for performing delayed jumps.
Height gain time – 22-15 minutes.
Capacity of skydivers – 25 persons.

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