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Entertainments in Kiev & suburbs » AFF program for obtaining an amateur skydiver’s license

AFF program for obtaining an amateur skydiver’s license

AFF program is an accelerated freefall training program. This program is modern and very efficient; it uses the most advanced teaching methods and modern sports equipment. All jumps are performed from a height of 4000-4200 meters using a special student system, equipped with 'wing-type' student parachutes (both main and reserve parachutes) and an electronic safety device. The student learns faster and easier to behave correctly in a freefall due to the fact that each jump is performed not alone but with direct participation and supervision of experienced instructors falling close to the student. A continuous freefall allows the student to repeat more than once planned exercises and to use maximally his every jump. 
Accelerated FreeFall System is the safest and therefore the most widespread throughout the world. In addition, the learning process by AFF system is 3-5 times shorter than a classical course.
During the first jump your safety will be secured by two instructors controlling the position of your body in the air. If you are still concerned about your safety it should be noted that you will always have the CYPRES device with you – it is a unique device developed by the German company AirTec, which is used by beginners and experienced skydivers around the world in case of emergency situations. Your task is to enjoy the fall, to change the old views on freedom, easiness and craziness. A freefall lasts about a minute after which a shake will bring you back to reality. These were the instructors who have opened your parachute, and now it is time for your independent flight control and landing. Your ears hear commands and you are already executing them almost automatically. One easy turn and your feet touch the ground. Congratulations, watching video (your first flight was certainly captured on video by an operator) and realization that you do not want to stop after the first AFF jump. It will be followed by reaching other levels, passing which will culminate in obtaining permission (license) to perform independent jumps.
The program consists of 7 levels. At the first few levels (1-3) a student’s teaching process involves two instructors, and there will be one instructor on the remaining levels (4-7). The average duration of the course is 7-12 jumps, depending on the individual abilities of a student. It may happen so that a student needs to repeat some of the AFF levels. If an instructor recommends that to you, he does it only for the purpose of your own safety and effectiveness of training.
Education begins from theory in the classroom. You will study harness system structure, will train in it for several hours while the instructor will be teaching you how to behave in a correct way in abnormal situations. The next point of the training program will be jumping out of a plane, teaching how to find the correct body position on the air stream (training on special simulators). Next, you will study the jumpsuit: coverall, gloves, goggles, helmet, altimeter, and of course the parachute itself. During training jumps you will also wear a radio transmitter via which the instructor will give you verbal commands on parachute controlling and landing.
During the first three levels a student learns and acquires the basic freefall skills including the ability to jump out of an airplane, to perform a stable free-fall, to control the altitude and to open the parachute. The student gets these skills through extensive training on the ground and direct control in the air.
The following four levels are aimed at developing skills and abilities to maneuver in a freefall. The student successfully performs energetic approaches, 360 degree turns, front and back flips, tracking and learns to move in a freefall when passing each of these levels.
Student also learns to make jump calculations, to apply safety measures and to act correctly in abnormal and specific cases, as well as to navigate in the air when jumping with other skydivers or without them.
A jumper begins to master the next exercise (level) only after having perfectly learned the previous material and having fulfilled all assignments and tasks, irrespective of the number of performed jumps.
After having passed 7 AFF levels your status of a 'student' is changed to 'novice skydiver', and you must demonstrate the knowledge and skills of the novice skydiver, namely:
complete personal preparation of equipment for the jump;
knowledge of the code of behavior on the board of an aircraft;
the freefall skills on the graduate level;
ability to land at a specified location.

After finishing AFF program a novice skydiver needs to finish the AFF 8 'progressive program' after which you will get your first 'A-License' and the status of 'amateur skydiver'. 
After finishing the AFF course a student is able to perform a stable freefall, to maneuver in a freefall, to perform independently all necessary actions on deploying the parachute canopy and landing; and receives access to perform independent jumps with a 'wing-type' parachute.

The price includes:
Jumps of levels 1-3 (2 instructors, 4000 m, the student’s 'wing-type' parachute, ground training inclusive). 
Jumps of levels 4-7 (1 instructors, 4000 m, the student’s 'wing-type' parachute, ground training inclusive). 

Detailed information about Association operating the jumps.

For more information, please contact us.

Price from: 1200,00 €

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