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Entertainments in Kiev & suburbs » Hot Air Balloon Flight

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Hot air balloon flight is an amazing adventure, beautiful and romantic form of leisure which is widespread throughout the world! Ballooning is a delight, splash of positive emotions, new, exciting, incomparable experience! Hot air balloon flight is a wonderful, exquisite and unusual gift appropriate for any occasion! Hot air balloon flight is a walk in the fresh air, but with a tenfold emotional perception and bird's-eye panorama!
What pleasant surprises may await you during the flight? For instance, you can fly into the clouds and touch them. Feels amazing! Because the altitude is up to 1000 meters! Those views which are you used to watch during the airplane flight through the window are presented to you in a totally different perception. If you stop admiring the beauty of heaven for a while and look down, your hot air balloon flight can turn into an exciting safari. Having moved away not too far from the city you can get acquainted with the diversity of wild fauna of Ukraine. Our tourists made whole photo galleries of foxes, wild boars, roe deer, hares, elks, beavers, wolves, and various kinds of birds.
Rich experience of flights made by the best Kiev aeronautic company allowed exploring and studying in detail all possible places for takeoffs and landings, and of course the most beautiful routes for hot air balloon tours. At any direction of the wind flows the pilot will surprise you with unique landscapes of fields, blue lakes, rivers and forests.
In addition to the hot-air balloon flight you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique aircraft and if you wish – also to take part in the hot air balloon flight preparation.
Ballooning is the safest of all kinds of aviation sports. Air-filled balloon, in fact, is a huge parachute smoothly sailing on across the sky. You will fly with the best top-class aeronaut pilots of Ukraine who are winners of various international air races, with extensive experience of sports flights and flights with passengers. Pilots carry out flights during competitions at maximum allowed wind speed up to 7 meters per second, and flights with passengers – up to 5 meters per second, i.e. under ideal weather conditions. Ballooning company which will carry out your unforgettable trip through the sky uses balloons produced by Czech company 'Kubicek balloons' and is the official representative of this global aeronautic engineer and manufacturer in Ukraine. Using qualitative and, therefore, reliable aircrafts shows high level of responsibility for your comfort, and what is most important, for your safety. 
After landing, emotionally drunk newly balloonists will go through a ceremony of initiation into full membership in the society of sky lovers. Unchanging attributes of the ceremony are champagne and a commemorative diploma confirming the title of 'baloonist' assigned after the first hot air balloon flight.

It is worth saying that a balloon flight is a unique gift and our team can help you to organize an unforgettable surprise for your beloved person. If you want to order a balloon in the shape of the heart, let us know about your idea, and the pilots will prepare the balloon for takeoff; and when arriving to the starting area, put a blindfold on your beloved one, and remove it only when you get into the basket and the balloon will start its takeoff. Your surprise guarantees boundless delight and unforgettable moments!

The flights are carried out at dawn and dusk. This is explained by thermal activity creating different wind currents making air unstable in the middle of the day which is unfavorable for hot air balloon flights. Typically flights happen outside Kiev, however, pilots of the organization have an official access to carry out flights above the territory of the city itself. So if you have a wish to see the capital of Ukraine from a hot air balloon basket – we can make it come true.

When choosing this kind of entertainment in the order form, please do not forget to specify in the 'Message text' if you wish to book a hot air balloon in the shape of a heart and the preferred place of the flight: above the territory of the city or above Kiev’s environs.

Entertainment’s duration: 5 hours.

The price includes:
Transport: place of residence – hot air balloon starting area; hot air balloon landing place – place of residence;
Hot air balloon flight preparation;
Hot air balloon flight (60-80 min);
Hot air balloon assembly;
Dedication ceremony with the issuance of a balloonist diploma.

For more information, please contact us.

Price from: 260,00 €

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