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Entertainments in Kiev & suburbs » Piloting a helicopter

Piloting a helicopter

Take off the ground and fly with the wind is so simple that those who tried it once will come back to these emotions again and again. A small flying height allows you to enjoy suburban expanses with their picturesque rivers, fields, and the golden skyline. This exciting adventure is pleasant due to the fact that during the flight you are accompanied by an experienced flight instructor, who will reveal many secrets of control and will ensure your safety.
Robinson R22 (made in U.S.) is the most popular entry-level helicopter in the world. More than 3,000 of these machines are successfully operated in 60 countries. R22 holds the record for such characteristics as speed, altitude and flight range among helicopters in its class. Salon of the helicopter is equipped with comfortable seats for two people with the ability to control a single wheel. As a passanger you will feel like a real pilot. Unlike an airplane, the helicopter can hang in the air or land in the distant place to make your adventure more exciting.

The flights are carried out on specially-equipped airport in the Kiev region by professional pilots. The flights are possible under favorable weather conditions. The maximum allowable weight of passenger – 130kg. In addition to those wishing to fly, your friends can be with you as spectators. They can play billiards or table tennis, watching the takeoffs and landings of helicopters and airplanes for the huge panoramic windows or observe the work of flight operator. At the airport is friendly atmosphere, the trip there will be a great spending time for those who want to fly and their friends.

The price includes:
Transport: place of residence – airport – place of residence;
Piloting a helicopter (30 min);
Pilot instructing;
Tea, coffee, soft drinks in the airport.

For more information, please contact us.

Price from: 325,00 €

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