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Entertainments in Kiev & suburbs » Trainings for certified skydivers

Trainings for certified skydivers

The Association 'Skydiving Sports Club of the University of Physical Education', being a member of the Ukrainian Parachuting Sports Federation, offers to trained skydivers to improve their skills in the following areas:
Teaching group acrobatics (performance of figures and units in freefall by teams consisting of 2, 4, 6 or 8 persons).
Freefly trainings. 'CHILLOUT FREEFLY SCHOOL' conducts training jumps, seminars, organization of the Ukrainian record in the category of large head down formations and other interesting events. You are invited to have a course of freefly, freestyle, and aerial video.
Teaching wingsuit flights. Minimum experience for a jumper to start wingsuit training flights - 200 jumps.
Formations building lessons. Formation is a static figure consisting of several skydivers: small formations - from 3 to 10 persons, average formation - from 10 to 16 persons, large formations - from 16 to 400 persons.
Skydivers having the proper certificate can simply make independent jumps on the drop zone.

Independent jumps of sportsmen-skydivers.
A delayed jump from an airplane/helicopter (height 4000m) – from 22 €
Canopy piloting jump (height 1500m) – from 22 €

Training jumps for sportsmen-skydivers with instructors.
Control jump to estimate a new sportsman-skydiver – from 60 €
Big formations’ jumps (from 8 persons) – from 60 €
Jump with an instructor of group acrobatics (RW-1, RW-2 courses) – from 60 €
Jump with a Freefly instructor – from 60 €

Detailed information about Association operating the jumps.

For more information, please contact us.

Price from: 22,00 €

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