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Excursions in Kiev & suburbs » Pharmacy Museum

Pharmacy Museum

The museum’s exposition is devoted to the history of pharmacy and pharmaceutical business in Ukraine. Here are presented more than 2 thousand items that were collected from all over Ukraine. Antique pharmacy’s furniture was brought from Western Ukraine. The museum’s halls fully reproduce the atmosphere in pharmacies of the XVIII - XIX centuries. In those days a pharmacist was also a doctor, so in the same pharmacy house there was a reception room, a shop and a laboratory.
In the show windows of this unique museum you can see all kinds of bowls and bottles which were used to prepare herbal mixtures, antique recipes, healers’ tools of the past centuries, snakes preserved in alcohol and many other unique items of an antique pharmacy. In addition to medicines there are also antique jars containing creams, powders, perfumes, tooth powder and even ink, all these things used to be sold exclusively in pharmacies. The museum also has a thick pharmacy book dated 1834 where Latin names of drugs, their components and prices were recorded. And in the basement of the museum there are some installations such as a Kiev Pechersk Lavra monastic cell of the XI century in which the monks treated people with herbs and prayers; a healer’s hut with a clay oven and flavoring herbs hanging from the ceiling; an alchemist’s vault with a wax sitting figure of a magician leaning over a flask near which there’s a pile of coins (there is a legend that if you drop there a coin and make a wish it will come true).
A brief history of pharmaceutics in Kiev.
The first state pharmacy was opened in this city in 1715, and in 1730 between Frolovsky and Petropavlivsky monasteries there appeared the first Kiev’s private pharmacy which now is a museum. It was opened by Geyter Johann, a German man who was invited to come to the Russian Empire by Peter I to develop pharmaceutical business. Geyter’s pharmaceutical business was inherited by his son-in-law George Bunge who became the founder of the famous dynasty of Kiev pharmacists. Bunge’s name was assigned to this drug store for many decades. Here were sold about 960 titles of pills, ointments and potions. All medicines were prepared from natural ingredients such as plants, minerals, shells of mollusks, blood and bile of animals, insects and poisons. There were two separate registers of pharmaceutical drugs – for poor and wealthy citizens, the prices and materials were significantly different accordingly. For example, soap for peasants was made of dog fat and wealthy bourgeois were offered personal care products made of palm oil or olive oil. Bunge’s pharmacy worked for over 100 years, and in 1835 the estate was sold together with the old house – this was the end of the glorious history of the first Kiev pharmacists. Later the estate was resold several times and then it was owned by the state. In 1986 after the restoration of the building the Pharmacy Museum was opened here.
Even now you can feel the atmosphere of an antique pharmacy; the museum has a phyto-bar where you can try a cup of delicious flavorous tea made according to recipes and tinctures of the Bunge himself; you can also buy medical products made of herbs as well as handmade soap.

Duration of excursion: 1 hour.

There are group discounts (for groups consisting of 4 and more persons).
The price includes:
Transport: place of residence – Pharmacy Museum;
Excursion with a personal guide (all languages) throughout the whole territory;
Entrance tickets.

For more information, please contact us.

Price from: 12,00 €

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