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Excursions in Kiev & suburbs » Wounds of Chernobyl

Wounds of Chernobyl

The Chernobyl Museum’s exposition is telling about the largest-ever nuclear power catastrophe – an accident at the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in April 1986. The Museum exhibits about 7000 items such as declassified documents, maps, photographs, items of ethnic culture, personal belongings of the accident consequences eliminators. 
The Chernobyl Museum was opened on April 26, 1992, on the fifth anniversary of the disaster. Exposition was collected slowly, because all information about the accident, its reasons and consequences was strictly confidential, and the participants of these events could not tell the truth. Many materials – documents, maps, and photos labeled 'Confidential' – were published at the museum for the first time . 
Above the entrance to the museum visitors can read the words 'Est dolendi modus, non est timendi' (There is a limit of sadness, but there is no limit for worries). Then visitors see a lifting gate with flashing lights, opening the entrance to the symbolic Chernobyl road. This is a staircase leading to the main museum hall along which there are signs with the names of 76 Ukrainian towns and villages from the resettlement zone, razed to the ground with radiation. The Chernobyl road leads visitors to the first exhibition hall, the floor of which is made in the form of a biological protection slab of the main reactor hall. There is an iconostasis in the centre of the hall, some of its parts were brought by the museum staff from Voskresensky church in the Alienation Zone. Under the iconostasis a boat is swinging instead of a baptismal font, it is a symbol of Noah’s ark and inside the boat there are children’s toys left by visitors of the museum. Near the iconostasis three figures of the accident consequences eliminators are standing in protective outerwear and respirators. Above the iconostasis there are two angels stretching their wings: white and black, good and evil. Under the wings of a white angel, as if under his protection, there are portraits of children born after the catastrophe, under the wings of the black angel – we can see photos from the modern history of the past 70 years. On the ceiling of the hall there is a symbolic map of the world with alarming flashing red lights of power stations on all continents of the Earth. On the walls of this hall you can see the exhibition of social posters devoted to nuclear issues. In the museum you can see unique video materials of the accident and its consequences, see a working model of ChNPP Unit, operating three-phase diorama 'The Chernobyl nuclear power plant before, during and after the accident' showing an explosion, the destruction of the plant as a result, and construction of the sarcophagus over the destroyed block.
The exposition halls of the museum also tell about the heroic and selfless work of people of many professions – civilian and military experts in the field of Chernobyl accident consequences elimination.
Over the years the Chernobyl museum’s work it was visited by representatives of more than 80 countries from all over the world. Among them there were the Presidents of Ukraine and of other countries, the UN mission headed by the Secretary General Kofi Annan, the President of the OSCE Adrian Severin, and others.

If you want you can stay on the territory of the museum after the end of the excursion till the time when the museum is closed for visitors.
Duration of excursion: 1 hour.

There are group discounts (for groups consisting of 4 and more persons).
The price includes:
Transport: place of residence – Chernobyl Museum;
Entrance tickets;
Excursion with a personal guide (all languages) throughout the whole territory;

For more information, please contact us.

Price from: 12,00 €

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