Tour in Kiev

  • Kiev mix from € 440,00
    5 days / 4 nights

    A magnificent tour which combines antiquity, modernity and Ukrainian flavour. You will discover the spirit of unique cathedrals: Kiev Pechersk...

  • Kiev historical from € 376,00
    5 days / 4 nights

    Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the first settlement of primitive people emerged here in the late Stone Age. The city as a...

  • Kiev educative from € 384,00
    5 days / 4 nights

    Welcome to Kiev, a capital of a young state with a great history. The tour will acquaint you with the city, its beauty and splendor. Kiev...

  • Kiev entertaining from € 337,00
    5 days / 4 nights

    Having fun in Kiev, feeling Ukrainian flavour, being charged with positive emotions and getting to know the city better is our tour 'Kiev...

  • Kiev romantic from € 510,00
    4 days / 3 nights

    Kiev is so tender and delightful that it's hard not to fall in love with it at first sight. And those who have walked hand in hand in its...

  • Kiev extreme from € 390,00
    4 days / 3 nights

    Adrenaline, drive, excitement and unforgettable emotions are guaranteed to lovers of active and extraordinary leisure! A unique tour 'Kiev...

  • Business Kiev from € 1356,00
    6 days / 5 nights

    The main task of this tour is to ensure comfortable conditions favorably affecting the conduct of business activities and realization of your...

  • Kiev Luxury from € 2974,00
    7 days / 6 nights

    All the glamour and glitter of Kiev, luxury restaurants and the most interesting places of the city seen from a limousine’s window,...


Are the excursions around Kiev for groups? If so, how many tourists usually make up a group?
The concept of 'Tour in Kiev' is providing personal services. We do not combine tourists who do not know each other in one group for excursions. Excursions are held with the number of persons listed in the order form by one customer.

I want to order a package tour, but they all are composed so that on the day of arrival and departure day there are no guided tours, but I'm going to fly to Kiev in the early morning. Is it possible to begin a tour program on the day of arrival?
All tours in the 'Package tours' section are fixed with regard to the program and accommodation. For the convenience of travelers these tours do not include any activities on the day of arrival / departure. However, this request is very easy to fulfill. All components of any package tour can be found in the sections 'Excursions', 'Entertainments' and 'Accommodation'. You just need to fill in the form of 'individual tour' indicating the selected tours and your accommodation variant. You can also specify in the 'Message text' a program of which package tour you are interested in and our manager will compose a personal tour for you, taking into account all your wishes.

I plan to come to Kiev only for 2 days, and I want to see as much as possible. Could you please tell me if it is possible to have 2 – 3 excursions during one day or, for example, to fly in a helicopter, and then to attend an excursion in the city?
'Tour in Kiev' team always makes every effort to fulfill the demands of every tourist. Please fill in the order form, the manager will offer you all possible options of combining trips during the specified period. However, if it is not possible, the manager will advise you to refuse from one of excursions, prompting the best option for your leisure, or will advise to prolong your stay in Kiev. All these nuances are discussed by a manager and a tourist after filling the order form, by correspondence or by phone.

I have repeatedly been to Kiev and I like to stay in one definite district. But on your site I see no apartments there. Maybe you could help me find an apartment at the specific street? How much do I need to pay you for searching? How can I make such an order?
In the 'Accommodation' section it is specified that the site presents only a part of the apartments and hotels that we can offer to our guests. We cooperate with many Kiev real estate companies and are able to fulfill any accommodation requests of our tourists. A price per apartment presented to tourists already includes all other expenses. You do not need to pay any additional fees for "search" and other intermediary services. Please write us in the contact form what street you are interested in, the dates of your stay in Kiev and the type of accommodation (1 room, 2 rooms apartment, VIP suite, etc.) and our manager will offer you all possible options.

I need aт interpreter of Spanish for 3 days for a series of meetings in Kiev. But I still do not know exactly how many hours per day every meeting might take. It is also possible that the interpreter will be needed and for other purposes as well during this period (for example, shopping). How do you make calculation in such a case? 
An interpreter will be at your disposal during as many hours and days as you have paid for. It is possible to increase an interpreter’s working hours and make an additional payment on-line, but in this case, we cannot guarantee that the interpreter will have no other orders and plans for that day. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to inform us about your schedule in Kiev, and calculate as accurately as possible before payment, for how many hours each day you will need an interpreter.

I would like to purchase with your help a ticket to a concert the cost of which is 25 euros. I am not planning to order any other services at your website. Can you fulfill my order in such a case?
'Tour in Kiev' team values every client, regardless of the ordered number of services. Of course, we will fulfill your request. Please fill in the 'Individual tour' form, selecting the service 'Purchasing Tickets'. Please specify in the 'Message text' the event for which you would like to purchase tickets and the quantity of them in the 'number of persons' entry.

When ordering a trip to Egypt on your website will a tourist pay only for the hotel category or for staying in a particular hotel? Where can I have a look at hotels of each category?
Our client receives a tour to any of the countries presented on our website with residence in a particular hotel, which he chooses himself. After sending us an order form selecting all the parameters of the section 'I would also like to visit another country', you will receive a list of hotels where you can have rest in the dates which you choose. We represent the only international hotels each of which you can find in the Internet, see photos and opinions of other tourists. All the details of your tour will be discussed in correspondence, before making payment for the whole tour.

Best of Kiev

Excursions in Kiev & suburbs

  • Kiev walking excursionKiev walking excursion

    This excursion around Kiev is conducted in form of a walk with a personal guide which will introduce you the 'old city', its secrets, history and ancient architecture. You will visit

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  • Pharmacy MuseumPharmacy Museum

    The museum’s exposition is devoted to the history of pharmacy and pharmaceutical business in Ukraine. Here are presented more than 2 thousand items that were collected from all over...

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  • Unique PodilUnique Podil

    The name 'Podil' comes from the settlements of citizens 'po dolu', that is in the valley of the Dnieper River. Here, at Podil, there were markets, occurred trade fairs, appeared the first Kiev...

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