Tour in Kiev

  • Kiev mix from € 440,00
    5 days / 4 nights

    A magnificent tour which combines antiquity, modernity and Ukrainian flavour. You will discover the spirit of unique cathedrals: Kiev Pechersk...

  • Kiev historical from € 376,00
    5 days / 4 nights

    Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the first settlement of primitive people emerged here in the late Stone Age. The city as a...

  • Kiev educative from € 384,00
    5 days / 4 nights

    Welcome to Kiev, a capital of a young state with a great history. The tour will acquaint you with the city, its beauty and splendor. Kiev...

  • Kiev entertaining from € 337,00
    5 days / 4 nights

    Having fun in Kiev, feeling Ukrainian flavour, being charged with positive emotions and getting to know the city better is our tour 'Kiev...

  • Kiev romantic from € 510,00
    4 days / 3 nights

    Kiev is so tender and delightful that it's hard not to fall in love with it at first sight. And those who have walked hand in hand in its...

  • Kiev extreme from € 390,00
    4 days / 3 nights

    Adrenaline, drive, excitement and unforgettable emotions are guaranteed to lovers of active and extraordinary leisure! A unique tour 'Kiev...

  • Business Kiev from € 1356,00
    6 days / 5 nights

    The main task of this tour is to ensure comfortable conditions favorably affecting the conduct of business activities and realization of your...

  • Kiev Luxury from € 2974,00
    7 days / 6 nights

    All the glamour and glitter of Kiev, luxury restaurants and the most interesting places of the city seen from a limousine’s window,...

Terms and conditions

Rules of rendering tourism services by 'Tour in Kiev'.
Please read carefully these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter — Rules) before using the online resource for booking/ordering services, excursions and tours (hereinafter — Tourism product) at

1. General provisions.
1.1. These Rules are a public contract regulating relations between the Internet website with the address;; http:// (hereinafter 'Tour in Kiev' or 'Website') and any natural or legal person (hereinafter 'Customer') that reserves, orders and pays for the Tourism product solely for personal, family and other purposes not related to business activities.
1.2. 'Tour in Kiev' offers its services to a Customer on terms which are subject to these Rules.
1.3. These Rules may be changed by the administration and the directorate of 'Tour in Kiev' without any notice.
1.4. The Customer shall provide information about the terms of these Rules to all the parties that were filled in booking form, and they shall also follow these Rules.

2. Rights and licenses.
2.2. You have the right to use the Website for gathering information about the services offered by 'Tour in Kiev' for ordering, reservation and purchasing of Tourism products, but you may not use any materials from the Website for fraud, fictitious and fraudulent transactions.
2.3. All the materials posted on the Website 'Tour in Kiev', as well as software are protected or are the copyright-protected items, including trademarks, and/or other Intellectual property. Intellectual property and copyrights are protected by laws and International copyright law. Intellectual property can only be used for your personal, noncommercial purposes.
2.4. These Rules do not allow to organize unauthorized links to the Website 'Tour in Kiev'.
2.5. 'Tour in Kiev' retains the right to terminate access of any user to the entire Website or to its separate parts, in our sole discretion, without notice and without explanation.

3. Liability.
3.1. 'Tour in Kiev' does not offer its Tourism products to persons under 18 years of age and to persons who do not have full legal capacity. When using the Website, you guarantee to 'Tour in Kiev' that you are a full-aged and legally capable Customer and are able to take responsibility for your actions and obligations incurred in connection with the use of the Website.
3.2. 'Tour in Kiev' collects information about users in accordance with the principles defined in these Rules. 'Tour in Kiev' does not validate the collected information about Customers.
3.3. All Customer information that is collected, stored and processed by 'Tour in Kiev' is confidential information, and it is used solely for Tourism product purchasing on this Website.
3.4. 'Tour in Kiev' takes all reasonable measures to protect Customer information from destruction, distortion or disclosure.
3.5. Customer shall not use any devices and/or software that could intervene into the Website’s operation or prevent it from normal functioning.
3.6. Customer shall take full financial responsibility for damage caused by his fault to the Website, to specialists organizing Tourism product sale, or to any other third party. The damage shall be compensated on-site, or if it is impossible, within 10 days from the date of the relevant request or from the date when invoice was received.
3.7. 'Tour in Kiev' shall not be liable to the Customer for a delay and cancellation of flights, trains, buses and other transport used by the Customer to arrive to Ukraine/Kiev, but undertakes to review any situation and to do everything possible to change the Tourism product program in the interests of the Customer.
3.8. Customer shall be liable for the validity of his passport and compliance with the laws of the receiving country during the whole tour.

4. Limitation of Liability.
4.1. 'Tour in Kiev' is not liable for travel program changes caused by force majeure, unusual, unforeseeable and uncontrollable circumstances, such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, acts of war, terrorist acts, changes in state regulations on procedures for entry and exit, actions of foreign missions, border and customs services, transportation services; strikes, social and political crises and other actions that interfere or prevent from organizing or carrying out of Tourism product implementation, and the occurrence of which during the trip 'Tour in Kiev' could not foresee. If it is necessary to extend the trip due to force majeure circumstances the additional expenses shall be paid by the Customer.
4.2. By accepting these Rules, the Customer releases 'Tour in Kiev' from any reclamation, claim, complaint and prosecution issued against 'Tour in Kiev' by him or on his behalf, for reasons beyond the scope of responsibility of 'Tour in Kiev' according to these Rules and arising in regard of using the Website and Tourism products.
4.3. Customer who filled in the booking form, represents interests of all tourists who were listed there, and is personally responsible to 'Tour in Kiev' for the validity of reported data in the booking form, and timely full payment of penalty in case of tour cancellation.
Customer is fully responsible for the validity and accuracy of personal information given to the Website 'Tour in Kiev'.

5. Registration, personal information, privacy.

5.1. User can use our Website or contact employees of 'Tour in Kiev' by phone and give any information about himself without any obligations.
5.2. For reservation and purchasing of Tourism products 'Tour in Kiev' shall ask the Customer to provide certain personal information including full name, passport data, telephone number, gender, address, e-mail address of the Customer as well as the names of tourists accompanying him.
5.3. For booking/purchasing of Tourism product related to leaving the borders of Ukraine, as well as for booking/purchasing airline tickets the Customer shall provide personal information about all passengers such as name, surname and passport data.
5.4. 'Tour in Kiev' shall use your personal information only for Tourism product realization purposes; information on the Customer and tourists accompanying him shall be given directly to providers of booked services (airlines, hotel chains, car rental companies chosen by you etc.), as well as to our business partner company 'Orion-Intour' in case of purchasing a tour with a route crossing Ukrainian borders.

6. General rules for ordering, reserving, purchasing and use of the Tourism product offered by the Website.
6.1. The Customer shall read carefully the tariff application rules for Tourism products selected on the Website.
Any reservation shall be complete until the final confirmation. As soon as the reservation is finally confirmed by payment, the Customer agrees with all conditions and restrictions related to the reservation.
6.2. Confirmed reservation of Tourism product cannot be changed, transferred to another person or canceled without additional fees and penalties paid by the Customer. If you have to change or cancel your order and reservation, contact 'Tour in Kiev' as soon as possible.
6.3. In case if it is not possible to accommodate the Customer in the hotel which was booked in advance, 'Tour in Kiev' shall accommodate the Customer in a hotel of the same or higher qualification category.
6.4. 'Tour in Kiev' shall inform the Customer in due time about changes in the dates of providing services, prices and other conditions, as well as promptly notify the Customer about refusal to provide services in cases set out in these Rules.
6.5. 'Tour in Kiev' shall compensate for the cost of unrealized Tourism products in case if the services were not provided due to the fault of 'Tour in Kiev'.
6.6. The Customer shall comply with the travel program, be on time when and where due, fulfil all the requirements of 'Tour in Kiev’s' representative during the whole period of providing Tourism product.
6.7. 'Tour in Kiev' has a right to inform in writing not later than in 3 days before your trip about the cancellation of any tourism product or raising its price, explaining the reasons for this action.
6.8. General rules for ordering, booking and purchasing a travel tour outside Ukraine at the partner company 'Orion-Intour' shall be sent individually to a tourist’s email address upon his request.

7. The order of payment and refund conditions.

7.1. Payment for the Tourism product on the Website occurs within 5 days after sending to the Customer a letter with payment reference. The Customer shall pay for his order in due time.
7.2. The Customer has the right to refuse from a booked Tourism product not later than in 3 working days before the beginning of a tour. In this case, the penalty is 50% of the Tourism product cost. If the Customer cancels his order less than in 72 hours before the departure the penalty is 100% (not refundable!).
7.4. The Customer shall be informed individually in correspondence before receiving the final bill about the conditions of refund in case of refusal from a tour outside Ukraine.
7.5. Refund to the Customer occurs upon written request of the Customer about refusal from the ordered Tourism products (composed in free form, containing Customer’s full name and passport data; sent from the Customer’s account).
7.6. Money is not refunded to the Customer in case if the Customer, having refused from the Tourism product, did not provide a written statement to the Website 'Tour in Kiev', did not appear when and where due to receive the Tourism product, did not process or improperly processed the documents required for traveling.
7.7. In case if the Customer and/or the tourists enlisted in his booking form consciously do harm to the trip, impede the implementation of the agenda, do not comply with the conditions of these Rules and other travel conditions, 'Tour in Kiev' has the right to inform the Customer about the termination of Tourism product provision. In such cases a statement of fact is drawn up, which is the basis for a refusal to refund the money paid by the Customer to 'Tour in Kiev'.
8. Other terms and conditions.
8.1. These rules shall come into force at the moment of Customer’s payment for the Tourism product on the Website 'Tour in Kiev'.
8.2. During the trip the tourists are responsible for the safety of their personal belongings.

9. Insurance.
9.1. 'Tour in Kiev' does not provide insurance services, but strongly recommends that the Customer should purchase insurance in his own country for the entire period of staying in Ukraine before leaving to Ukraine.
If you purchased on our Website a Tourism product in the form of a travel tour outside Ukraine, the insurance shall be provided to each tourist, and it shall be valid from the date of your departure from Kiev till the date of your return to Kiev.

Best of Kiev

Excursions in Kiev & suburbs

  • Greatness of PecherskGreatness of Pechersk

    Pechersk was named after Kiev Pechersk Lavra. The beginning of 'Pechersk city' was marked by Peter I who founded the old Pechersk fortress and residence of Kiev governor. It was continued by...

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  • Holodomor MemorialHolodomor Memorial

    The memorial complex and the 'Candle of Memory' monument are part of the installations junction in the Park of Undying Glory, which are dedicated to Holodomor events in Ukraine and were unveiled...

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  • Excursion on requestExcursion on request

    Other excursion which is not included into list, considering all your wishes, is available for booking using this section. It can be excursions or walks to certain places of Kiev and its suburbs...

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